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  Elena Gapich, director and co-founder of “Right People Management” consulting company from January, 2007
Vice-president guiding organization development in Softline company.
12 years experience in human resources and organization management. 
Starting from 1995 Elena worked as director of the first Ukrainian job and career center for students and graduates (Job & Career Center) at Kyiv Mohyla Academy (more than 800 successful project of permanent and temporary job placement).
In 2001 Elena joined Softline (as HR-director, and after 2004 was promoted to a vice-president). Board of directors’ member. She participates in development and implementation of the company restructuring project and in elaboration of company strategy.
Elena supervises software product – “Megapolis. HR management”, creates and supervises “Megapolis.People Performance Management” and guides the Human Resource Management direction of corporate services. Works as consultant on external projects in sphere of restructuring, organizational development, HR audit procedures and building of effective organization structure and personnel management system.

"People that work on elaboration of creative management models live fuller and are able enjoy it, because delving in conventional rules described in books, which should work, but they do not in fact, make people either bored or irritated.
Creative models in the sphere of people management make approach to solving business problem, related with people management, systematical (unsystematic models do not work) and individual, as far as there are not two identical businesses, and furthermore people.  We help to create something that will work not in general, but will be effective in this particular business and will help it to develop. Such approach makes us enjoy the process of elaboration and use of creative model, to see results.”

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