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To make excellent job, we need excellent client.

Human related problems can not be solved by means of financial or sales-management.

All that company gains by successful contract sales, can be lost because of people that implement these contracts.

Client is not always right, but he becomes after the signing the approved contract. Before this happens, consultants still have chance to make him change his mind concerning his actual needs and methods to satisfy them. People, who do not do this, are simply not able to distinguish real needs and suggest appropriate methods. In this case the client gets not a solution what he really needs, but something he thinks he wants.

To know is different from to be able to.

Intuitive approach in development of creative models is more important, than standard and conventional schemes.
One should not break the principles, but  may and even must break the rules. Only principle can be copied. To develop a creative model means to intuitively create, define and apply new rules in particular company and in particular situation using correct principles.

Keep it simple. Creative idea and modelling methods may and must be clear to all potential users.

The concept of “motivation system” exists only in Matrix. This phrase means the same as “collective embrio”.

We value client if knows what he wants in general, but is able to accept that he does not have enough experience, power, resources and time to achieve the goal on his own. We value those, who respect facts and common sense.
We value clients that like to argue and perceive facts, who ask questions and are not indifferent. We value cooperation.

Our interference is minimal, not traumatic, we are at the same time inside and near, we are not visible – you see only the results.


Rambler's Top100