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«MEGAPOLIS™. Personnel performance management » – is an integrated solution that is used to build automated management system of company human funds.

System modules:
● Goals management.
● Competencies management.
● Compensatory model (generation and calculation).
● Integration (with adjacent systems).
● Administration and security.

Certificate of copyright registration 19464

The system has been developed on the basis of the following postulates:
● Employees are the key factor of achieving strategic goals. The basis is competencies they master and weight of their input.
● Set of competencies is the basis for appointment on position, defining the reward and compensation package, involvement in educational, development, personnel and professional reserve programs, and, in conjunction with manufacturing goals, – for rotation, dismissal, promotion, reward or penalty.
● Evaluation of employees is performed on the basis of manufacturing goals achieving (performance evaluation) and set of competencies, that allow to perform activities effectively (competency evaluation).
● Effective organization management is only successful the goals are communicated to each employee. It is only possible to set a goal if an employee has a set of competencies that will help to achieve. At the same time an employee must receive permanent feedback from his manager in the form of encouragement for positive results in moving to goal and its achievement and corresponding reward (premium, commission, bonuses).

Shot functionality description
The system gives opportunity to outline goals for both company divisions and each employee, as well as performing evaluation periodically.
Results are displayed in the system via the “Evaluation” function.
The system allows to link global goals of organization with goals of separate departments, and the goals of department with goals of its employees.
The system automates the processes of employee’s progress evaluation in achieving goals and fulfilling tasks for the reporting period, formulation of goals and tasks for the future period, evaluation of competencies and elaboration of personal development plan.
This solution provides unique and flexibly set up evaluation form for each employee. It is possible to set up any personnel evaluation procedures, stages of evaluation documents approval, visibility of evaluation data ranges and notification systems.
You can change settings of analytical and statistic reporting both for evaluation results and evaluation process monitoring.

With this system you are able to define, why the employee has not achieved the goals set: whether because of insufficient competency level (this can be eliminated by additional education, or you may decide to find another employee), or there are other reasons. You can constantly and effectively track the work of the personnel, of each employee and distinguish most prospective and find least effective employees. On the basis of personnel evaluation the system allows to analyze, which competencies are missing with aim to elaborate corresponding educational programs for separate employee groups
The user accesses and works with the system via standard internet browser (MS Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher), and the system itself is installed in one place, on server in the headquarters’ office of organization. In this way flexibility and simplicity of work are ensured for all users, including remote those from divisions (branches, departments). To work with the system on client side user needs to have standard internet browser (MS Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher) installed and internet access.


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