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In our projects we give most attention to building up the HR Management system and working out the standards of the staff efficiency in different roles and businesses. The work is performed in compliance with internationally adopted approaches and to deploying this system taking in account peculiarities of native business and Ukrainian labour market.

We will also help to manage mutual expectations of business and key personnel.
How? We start from conducting short management sessions, where we use complex methodic to  analyze activities in separate business processes,  supported by key roles essential for business:

● We divide the “position” into separate roles and define competencies for every role.
● By analyzing possible risks, that show themselves in failing to achieve result at every stage of the work on position, we record the performance expectations of fulfilling every role for certain position.
● On this basis we can simply, quickly and clearly describe the standards for activities in directions critical for business, mark the points, where control, reporting and support are needed, give Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which are not span out of thin air, but naturally show them up in the result of activities analysis and results expected from these activities on each stage.
● We describe a clear relation between expectations towards the employee and kinds of motivation. Thus, we form a system of mutual expectations of both business and employee with clear criteria and relations “what do we pay for” and “what to expect for the work done”.

It allows to:
▪ pick out an employee
▪ acquaint with the position
▪ objectively (and with employee’s active participation) evaluate the work for the certain period
▪ see spheres of personal development
▪ create an appropriate education plan
▪ reward for the input in business development and describe the policy of rewarding.

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